CBD And Alcohol

CBD And Alcohol

With the increased rise in the demand for CBD oils and cannabis based products everyone is starting to get into the game to see if they can make a product that will have high demand and meet the needs for this growing consumer base.  Next to pills, creams and gummies there are new products entering into the adult beverage market that are infused with cannabis.  To start with we have cannabis infused vodka.

When it comes to drugs and alcohol mixing the two is never really a good idea.  However, with CBD oil which doesn’t have the same euphoric effect as mail order marijuana canada, the combination of CBD with vodka and other alcoholic beverages may have a unique after effect.

Drugs are uppers

In general drugs such as marijuana are considered to be an upper or a substance to lower the inhibitions of people who take them.   This state of being is known as getting high.  However, with hemp and other cannabis products, the THC is removed which makes the euphoric effect nonexistent.

Alcohol is a downer

For many the effects of alcohol on the body is used as a downer or a calming substance.  When we first consume alcohol, we tend to gain a level of high or release of our inhibitions.  Over time however, this level drops quickly, and we become depressed and down on ourselves and the world. Shortly after that we pass out which is the effect most people desire to escape their reality.

Mixing them together

When it comes to mixing cannabis and alcohol together, we are creating a totally unique situation.  We are consuming the uppers and the downers in one full sitting.  The results and reactions of which are not yet known.

Should you drink cannabis-infused vodka or other alcohol?

At present, there are no studies that can state the effects of consuming both.  However, with that being said, the consumption of alcohol by itself should be monitored and cut back.  When introducing cannabis into the mix you will want to be extra cautious to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Where can we purchase cannabis-infused vodka?

At present, it is only available in the United Kingdom.  There are several places online where it can be ordered but as far as it being shipped to the United States, Canada or anywhere out of the UK is unknown.  If you are interested in trying it you will need to visit the UK or know someone that can send you some.

CBD and Alcohol

In general terms, however, when it comes to CBD and alcohol here in the United States infusing vodka with cannabis can be done as well.  If you acquire cannabis legally and then pour it into your own bottle of vodka or alcohol the oils in the cannabis will seep out into the alcohol creating your own version of the product.  When it is done and ready to consume, you will want to strain out all of the floating cannabis through a cheesecloth, wash the bottle and then pour the contents in once again.